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Our hourly care is great for animals that need a little extra loving throughout the day. This service is a great peace of mind to senior dogs, dogs who need frequent bathroom breaks, and for those clients that just want to get out of the house or hotel for a few hours and leave their loved ones in trusted hands.

30 Minutes

Running late at work? Have a long shift that your animal won’t be able to hold it’s bladder for? Want to walk your dog but can’t because of medical reasons?
A “stop in” is a popular request among our Byrd Watchers community. This service includes a walk around the neighborhood or a potty break in an enclosed yard, indoor playtime and cuddle sessions. Everything listed below is also included!

  • Exercise and Bathroom Walk 15-30 Minutes.

  • Feeding

  • Play Time

  • Medication Administration

  • Picture Update and Summary of Visit

  • Alternating Blinds and Lights

  • Mail/Newspaper/Package Retrieval

  • Taking Garbage to and from Curb

  • Coat Brush

  • Litter Scooping

  • Water Bowl Refreshing and Cleaning

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Up To 14 Hours of Care!

Overnight care is essential to those who will be gone from home for a while. A Byrd Watcher will come stay in your home from 6pm to 7am the following day for as many nights as you need.
This is a premium service dedicated to ensuring your animal has the company it is used to without having to leave the comfort of it’s home that you have crafted for them. Everything that a regular “stop in” includes is also included in our overnights!
Overnight availability books up quickly, so be sure to consider us when planning your next vacation dates!

Your animals will receive:

  • Unlimited Walks

  • Unlimited Playtime

  • Unlimited Picture Updates and Texts

  • Mail/Newspaper/Package Retrieval

  • Taking Garbage to and from Curb

  • Nail Trims (Dogs Only)

  • Coat brushing

  • Pad Shaving (Dogs Only)

  • Round the Clock House Surveillance

  • Litter Scooping

  • Water Bowl and Food Dish Cleaning

  • Vacuuming Around the House

  • Counter Wipe Down

  • Basic House Tidying (Services may vary)

  • Number of Pets

  • High or No Medication Needs

  • Overall Mobility of pet

  • Last Minute or Holiday Bookings